This is HeartCare Connect


Our Vision


To provide educational and supportive resources and facilitate personal connections for individuals whose lives are touched by cardiac devices and their health care providers.


Why HeartCare Connect?


  1. To be a central hub of information for implanted cardiac devices.

  2. To provide ongoing support, resources and education for recipients of an implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD), pacemaker, implanted loop recorders (ILR) and their family, friends and health care providers.

  3. To provide awareness of current information on a global scale.


The Founders


Laura Horwood

Laura Horwood has a bachelor of science in nursing obtained from Northern Michigan University in 1987 and  a Masters of Science (acute care Nurse practitioner) from University of Michigan in 2006.  She currently has 30 years of cardiology experience and 25 of these years specifically working in device and arrhythmia management. She is one of the original founders of an annual Young ICD connection that was established in 1995.  From this novel ICD patient and family support group, four other institutions in the US has developed a local program of their own.

Laura Horwood

Helen McFarland is a Registered Nurse who has also obtained a bachelor of science degree in Communications from Eastern Michigan University in 2011. She has been a nurse for over 40 years with 15 of the last years devoted to the field of Cardiology and Electrophysiology. Helen has been on the planning committee of the Young ICD Connection Conference for 10 years which has enabled ICD recipients with their families and friends to come together for a yearly conference for the purpose of support and education about living life after ICD implantation. Helen received certification from the Heart Rhythm Society in 2007 as a specialist in cardiac device programming. She has published two books on the subject of living life with an ICD:


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